Custom Portugal Tours

Our Philosophy

We provide you with a unique travel experience and to explore Portugal by visiting places of interest which are the must see places and more importantly the places that interest you personally. We chose with great care the places we suggest for your visits and try to always incorporate your interests in each itinerary we plan. This mix has proven to be one that allows our clients to see Portugal in a way not possible with a pre-set itinerary. All of our itineraries are completely open to changes that accommodate your special interests.

Mind Map invites you to join us in Discovering Portugal. The advantages of traveling with a small tour agency made up of real people that are not only passionate about Portugal but believe that sharing their own experiences with you is the best way to spend your time while in Portugal.

At the core of our services are the way we organize your visit to Portugal. One on One and personal interaction with you from the planning and throughout the time you are in Portugal. Nothing is left to chance so that you can enjoy a vacation hassle free and enjoyable.



Our English speaking guides have an intimate knowledge of the as well as the ability to share the culture and flavor of lesser known parts of Portugal. They are dedicated to sharing each of these with you as you enjoy your stay in “their home”, and to making certain you are enjoying yourself and getting the most out of each day.

They will allow you to view the chosen region in a way you would not have seen on your own, by discussing the natural history, cultural, architecture, traditions, and, yes, even the temptations you will encounter during your exemplary meals.



Accommodations and Cuisine

On all of our trips, the cuisine and accommodations reflect that destination’s special characteristics and cultures. Each region is rich in it’s own flavor and hospitality. They may be different from our own but they can each certainly be savored for what makes them unique and different.

Whether you are sleeping in a quaint and luxurious Guesthouse set on the walls of an ancient castle, 5 star Resort or ultra chic city hotel, each will help to unravel the mystique of Portuguese culture and provide you with a unique unparalleled experience. This is the only way to truly unlock the secrets of each Portugal.



Unique Destinations


Throughout Portugal we find special places where the people live their daily lives and love to share with you. From this Farmers Market in a small village to visits to a working Cork producing factory or even spending the day enjoying the serenity of the countryside are the best ways to experience Portugal. We suggest these places to you and include them in your itinerary – our guided tours will spare you the hassle of  locating them on you own so you can fully enjoy the time you spend in each.





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